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In the Chicagoland area, construction seems to be ever present. If you’re tackling your most recent project and are searching for a forklift rental in Chicago, look no further than Advantage Material Handling. Conveniently located in Mundelein, we’re just a short distance from downtown. Whether you’re completing a short-term project, your lift is being serviced or your company has seasonal needs, we offer one-day, weekly and monthly rentals to fulfill your needs.

Advantage Rental Program

Our complete rental programs includes a variety of lifts with a range of capacities, from 3,000 to 15,000 pounds, and number of fuel types, including electric, diesel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG). We maintain a large collection of rental options designed to handle a variety of industrial, commercial and municipal needs, so whatever the project we have the tools to get the job done. Even better, every rental lift is professionally serviced and maintained by our expert technicians so you know you’re getting a reliable lift every time.

Forklift rental Chicago - available forklift.

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We are happy to accommodate same-day delivery. Whatever your needs, we'll work with your schedule to ensure you receive your rental when and where you want it.

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Compare Rental Options

Regardless of the project, we have the rental you need. Take a look at our forklift rental Chicago options below and easily assess which lift is right for you.

LPG Lift:

  • Internal combustion engine
  • Lower initial operating costs
  • LP tank required
  • Low emissions

Electric Lift:

  • Decreases fuel costs
  • Greatly reduces emissions
  • Quiet operation
  • On-site charging station or portable charger required

Diesel Lift:

  • Internal combustion engine
  • Greater fuel efficiency compared to LPG
  • Easily starts in colder weather
  • Best for us outdoors

LPG Tank Rental

For your convenience, we also offer LPG tank rental. Ask a customer service representative about renting your tank today.

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Take a look at our rental rates and discover why Advantage Material Handling is your one-stop-shop for forklift rental Chicago.

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